FreeBSD 9.1 and WiFi

Quick notes so I don’t forget. Will edit later.

### replace ral0 with your wifi device you get from ifconfig ###
### edit /etc/rc.conf ###
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MySQL Basics


  • You have MySQL server installed and running
  • Have an account to connect or access

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Shell script to backup directories

I created this script to create nightly backups of my wiki site. It is very simplistic but serves it’s purpose. I recommend setting it up as a cronjob, and every night it will create a new backup file with a different name based on the date.

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Updating the FreeBSD ports collection

Ports on *BSD systems are used to install applications, drivers, etc…  You can install or upgrade a single application or the entire collection of applications.  In order to upgrade your applications you must keep your port collection up-to-date.  In this post I will try to explain how to update the ports on a FreeBSD system.
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Compiling the FreeBSD kernel

Building a custom kernel is one of the most important rites of passage nearly every BSD user must endure. This process, while time consuming, will provide many benefits to your FreeBSD system. Unlike the GENERIC kernel, which must support a wide range of hardware, a custom kernel only contains support for your PC’s hardware. This has a number of benefits, such as:
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PC-BSD 1.3 / FreeBSD 6.1 on IBM Thinkpad Z60m

PC-BSD 1.3 is based on the release of FreeBSD 6.1. Therefore, everything covered in this page, will apply to any FreeBSD 6.1 installation. My goal for this wiki is to create a centralized reference page for IBM Thinkpad Z60m (and possibly other thinkpads) hardware configuration. I will try to provide the external links to the software required as well as local copies of the files.
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Install OpenStep 4.2 in VirtualBox or VMware

If you are having a hard time letting go of OpenStep 4.2, I found some great instructions on how to install and configure it.  If you have any problems accessing the website let me know.